2019. 08. 26
2019. 03. 07 - 2019. 05. 26
Gallery1-4, Core Gallery

The exhibition Lies presents the works by artists who use diverse strategies based on the fictitious narrative structure. With information overflowing, claims and –isms becoming more powerful, and everyone believing in only what he/she wants, the exhibition focuses on how artists see and react this situation. The artists use fiction – lies as their method of expression as they want to approach the audience more ardently than fact, and want to shock them in order to communicate their ideas with greater impact.
Sometimes well-composed fiction can be more moving than the truth. We hope the artists’ creative “lies” serve as means to approach the truth.

Media: Around 30 works including paintings, installations, moving images.
Artists: Gu Minja, Kim Beom, Shin Jungkyun, Ahn Kyuchul, Oh Jaewoo, Lee Byungsu, Lee Sooyoung, Lee Joonhyung, Jang Boyun