Snow in July: The Eyes of Astonishing Artists

2019. 09. 10
2019. 07. 11 - 2019. 08. 18
Core Gallery

Snow in July: The Eyes of Astonishing Artists was organized to focus on great, touching works of art made by persons who have had no professional art education. To this end, we present works created by people of diverse ages with different motives, to promote multi-layered discussion with regard to the creators.
We are gathering artworks made by people of diverse age groups, strata, vocations, etc., including a man over 90 years of age, senior citizens drawing pictures for the first time in their lives, young children and disabled persons, all with different motivations and reasons for their art, to present a powerful, healthy cross-section of art. Furthermore, we hope this exhibition will move viewers to ruminate on the definition of “artist”, and to discover the abundant artistic energy surrounding us, which we often miss seeing.

Media: Around 60 works including paintings, drawings
Participants: More than 20 participants including Ryu Haeyoon, senior citizens, and Jayden Chang, a nine-year-old