2019. 08. 26
2019. 01. 10 - 2019. 02. 24
Core Gallery

Pseudo-Chairs, the first exhibition to be held at the Museum of Art, Seoul National University in 2019, is a show about chairs, which are objects to sit on. Few chairs will actually be used, and the show will consist mainly of chairs that are not chairs.

Since humans became able to stand erect, the chair has existed as a device for comfort, or a symbol or possession representing social status. The exhibition Pseudo-Chairs will feature not the kind of chairs fixed in our perceptions, but various types of articles that are chosen as chairs for convenience or through a change of conception in everyday life. Hence, along with fundamental consideration of the human act called “sitting,” we want to explore the physiology responding naturally to the body’s demands, aspects of creative transformation of objects, and furthermore, the significance of objects that are re-contextualized as they are exhibited in the art museum, as well as the mechanism (principles and structure) of the exhibition.