1995  Prof. Jong-Sang Lee, the chief curator of Contemporary Art Department, Seoul National University Museum, proposes the establishment of the MoA. Samsung Foundation of Culture promises the creation and donation of the MoA. SNU Campus Planning Committee secures the location for the MoA at the site next to the university gate.

1996  Officials from the Samsung Foundation of Culture and Rem Koolhaas, designer of the MoA, conduct a field investigation of the building’s site.

2003  Regulations for the MoA are announced (Seoul National University Regulations, No. 1372).
Prof. Jong-Sang Lee appointed as the first director of the MoA. Prof. Byung-Jong Kim appointed as the second director of the MoA.

2004  Construction of the building starts.

2005  The new building for the MoA is completed.
Prof. Chang-Ku Byun, dean of Academic Affairs, becomes the acting director of the MoA.

2006  Prof. Hyung-Min Jung becomes the third director of the MoA.
The MoA opens on June 8, with the inaugural exhibition Invitation to Modern Art.