Media Field

2020. 01. 07
2019. 09. 05 - 2019. 12. 04
Gallery1-4, Core Gallery

Every day we experience a new revolution. The lives of us humans are changing at a more rapid rate than ever before. We are often taken aback by the range and depth of the changes, the most influential one being “media,” particularly “digital media.” It is never easy to adapt to change. Nevertheless, we find ourselves right in the middle of the irresistible, invincible “media field.”
This exhibition focuses on the changes that have been triggered in humans' bodies and perceptions, lifestyles, spatial experience and even social structure, by the media transformation. Ultimately, the focus of the exhibition is on “a better life for all,” which is something everyone living in contemporary times should think about.
We hope this exhibition will serve as a stimulus and opportunity for everyone to take a new look around at our lives and surroundings.

Media: Around 30 works including videos, installations, paintings 
Artists: Baak Je, Chang Yujung, Choi Hae Min, Choi Soojung, Chung Jisoo, Hyun Sejin, Jung Jaehee, Lee Eunhee, Lee Young Joo, Mun Sang Hyun, Paik Joo-Mee, Yeom Ji Hye, Jin Meyerson