Seo Hangyeom Solo Exhibition: Infinite Turmoil

2019. 08. 26
2019. 06. 04 - 2019. 07. 07
Seoul National University Museum of Art Core Gallery

Seoul National University Museum of Art presents Seo Hangyeom Solo Exhibition: Infinite Turmoil, the opening exhibition of the 2019 exhibition series featuring emerging young artists in Korea. Seo Hangyeom works with various themes including birth, death, time and love. Her works may appear philosophical in the sense that they engage with subjects that traditionally fall under the legacy of philosophical thinking. However, the world of Seo's works is not one of meanings, symbols, or narratives built on the human reason and represented by philosophy. Rather, it is the paradoxical "factuality“ manifested through fierce emotions, such as abruptness, impulses, and anxieties, that gives shape to her world. The solo exhibition is a survey of the artistic world of Seo Hangyeom, who constructs a unique factuality by providing an expressive answer to the extremely intimate and personal, yet profoundly philosophical questions. It is also an encouraging invitation for viewers to break away from the abstractness of the themes being addressed, and explore the aspects of life that are not captured in words.

Media: Around 50 works including paintings, moving images.
Artists: Seo Hangyeom