2019. 09. 10
2019. 06. 04 - 2019. 08. 18

Typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, planetary collision, unceasing warfare in corners of the world, massacre and terrorism, conflicts and tension between states, social and environmental issues, pollution and infection, unpredictable events and accidents - all of these are disasters that have a devastating effect on human life. We grow incapable of feeling the magnitude of an event in its entirety as we become exhausted by the deluge of the negative news. All this points to the "disaster fatigue,” a weariness that keeps us from emotionally connecting to things that are well worthy of our empathy. This might be yet another tragedy created by disasters in the age of information overload.
This exhibition is, therefore, an exploration of how artists make sense of, respond to, and portray these traumatic events. The artists featured in this exhibition intentionally magnify the unspeakable emotional burden, observe the tragedy with a calm and distanced gaze, engage in chilly, cynicism-laden critique, invite the viewer to revisit the old object from a new standard, and negate the object in a playful way. We hope that it contributes to creating a healthier society, where we can tune in to the suffering and tragedy of the others, and take real actions to heal the wounds.

Media: Around 60 works including paintings, photographs, videos
Artists: Ko Young Mee, Noh Suntag, Min Yu Jeong, Park Kyung Jin, Song Jin-Hee, Lee Boram, Chang Woojin, Cho Kyung Ran, Ha Tae-Bum