Matters of Women

2019. 08. 26
2018. 12. 27 - 2019. 02. 24

Through the generations, women experience various “matters.” Some of these continue for a lifetime, and some affect certain generations more strongly. Some matters are experienced in common simply on account of being a woman, while others are considered the issues of other genders or different generations, and overlooked because they are not “my” or “our” problem. Women artists also face numerous issues that cannot be lumped together under the name "woman." Nevertheless, some of these occur and are unavoidable due to the fact that they are women, and the artists make cracks in the homogeneity of the name “artist” by expressing such experiences.
The exhibition Matters of Women focuses on works that visualize the diverse problems experienced by women artists because they are women. It aims to explore issues faced by women in their lives at individual and social levels, and circumstances that have changed according to the generation, thereby to look for possibilities of overcoming the current situation.
The exhibition consists of works that focus on the “personal history” and “experiences as a woman” of the artist herself, and those that discuss the “social status and role of women.” By presenting works that give perceptive shape to the experiences and emotions of women in diverse and complex strata, we hope the event will provide visitors with an opportunity to think deeply about the lives of women today, and about a better life for all.

Media: Around 60 works including paintings, sculptures, drawings and photos
Artists: Mackerel Safranski, Roh Seungbok, Lee Geumhong, Park Jahyun, Yang Yooyun, Im Chunhee, Jang Pa, Jung Jungyeob(Ipgim), Jeong Hyeyoun, Cho Hyejeong & Jo Yunkyung, Hong Insook
Webtoon Artists: Iary, Icyrain, Min Seoyoung, Soosinji